Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Remembering to breathe...

I don't think that I have ever been so busy in all my life. There have been so many changes and things since I last wrote! I apologize for the lengthy sabbatical I took, however it really came down to write a blog entry or get a few hours sleep!

Lets see… Maybe I should go down a list of what is going on – both to clarify my mind as well as get you up to speed!


My friends Caroline and Kristen are starting a gallery in Little Tokyo! 

My cultural Ambassador Helen Kim (who on a side note is abandoning me to move to Texas for Grad school) invited me to the Little Tokyo Galleria Mall a few weekends back to see some art and meet her friend Nancy who is the mastermind behind this GREAT gallery program. Due to the recession, the mall has been having a tough time keeping shops open and thus there are quite a few empty storefronts. Therefore Nancy has started a program in which artists can “lease” a storefront for free and use it to exhibit their art etc until someone wants to rent out the space! Therefore the mall has turned into a little artist colony with frozen yogurt, grocery stores and restaurants in-between! Such a great idea! We are hoping to have our place painted and ready to open in a week or so. 

Nancy was also gracious enough to invite us to her live/ work loft a few blocks away. 

She is a full time artist and has lived in her AWESOME space for over 30 years – it was truly a treat to go and ogle at all her beautiful things!


Yup – I am doing them on April the 9th with a new accountant that we have never used before. We tried doing them ourselves but it has gotten to the stage where it is simply too complicated and it looks as though we are going to owe the government quite a bit of bling – HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Ryan and I both make no money so we are mightily confused (and a tad angry - grrrrrr)… In the mean time its all about making a crap load of excel sheets - oh how I wish to be 8 again...


My latest short film “Mrs. Kim” is one of the final 8 short films in the Los Angeles Magazine Film Competition – you can vote for it until the 2nd of April and then the winner will be announced on the 16th… FINGERS CROSSED – GO VOTE!

Ryan’s best friend OP knows the agent/ manager for writers and directors at Evolution Management. Unbeknown to me, he zapped over my short films etc and I now have an interview with the Manager on Thursday of next week – SO EXCITED!

I am still without script for this one (Anyone? Buler?) – One of the best writers from the Your Big Break competition (Les) has offered to write me one and we have been playing around with some ideas that I think will work so I am keeping my fingers crossed… that being said it is cutting it awfully close as we want to start shooting (well We HAVE to start shooting) by May – eek!


A friend of mine who saw “Mrs. Kim” forwarded it to her friend who is making a documentary on African American kids at this school in San Diego. She saw Mrs. Kim and loved the animation so has hired me to do a wee animation for a segment of her documentary!


My good friend Mischa and I have just inked a deal with UCLA to make a documentary on 5 UCLA students who are making short movies that are being funded by Bill Gates. I can’t really give much detail on this one yet as the first production meeting is not until tomorrow – but I will keep you posted!


You know me – professional competition entererer, and the latest one that I entered was for the launch of the new Ford Fiesta here in the US. Ford is choosing directors from every major city in the US to create a commercial for the new car. I entered my pitch and supporting material but apparently forgot to hand in the actual application (epic fail). Nevertheless, they e mailed me yesterday and asked for it so I am hoping that that is a good sign??!! I should hear about this competition in the next few weeks…

I have decided to enter “Sweet As” into four film festivals. Why not more? Because IT IS TOO DAMN BLOODY EXPENSIVE??! Who knew! Most of the festivals have a $50 - $80 application fee, then you have to get dubs of your movie ($10 - $250 depending on what format they want it in) and then you have to insure mail everything to them ($10 - $80 per entry) meaning that 4 entries is going to cost my unemployed butt $875??!! I am trying not to think about it and look at it as an investment into my career (better damn well get an Oscar before I die eh!).

Ryan and I have been wanting to move into a new place for over a year now. I think that it is quite taxing for us to be in a studio – especially seeing as we have such different schedules. We were looking all over town but we really can’t bring ourselves to move from Hancock Park. Then we realized that prices had dramatically dropped in our building – a one bedroom is now the same price as what we pay for the studio that I have lived in for over 7 years now??!! Therefore we are moving on out (and up) to the 5th floor, into a south facing one bedroom! The official move date is April 16th so expect an invitation to an apartment warming very soon!

PHEW  - the above is the reason that I have been so MIA… I don't have time to breathe and although I like being busy, its just too much at the moment and I cant wait to get move, taxes, animation, film festival and Mrs. Kim off my list so that I can concentrate on the next short…

PS I joined LA Fitness on Sunday – 

I am getting fat… really fat and I am not sure why (not eating any different to usual). After replacing a lot of carbs with salad and not seeing any difference I decided to get my ass on the go and see if that changes anything… we shall see!

PPS My Easter package from my mother just arrived – 

have I ever mentioned that it is by far my most anticipated/ loved, cherished package that I receive each year? I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Easter package… firstly because my mother makes it so darn cute and always puts little things in there that make me smile. Secondly because it is the only time of year that you can get the most mouth watering “Spotty Migros Eggs” that I love 

and lastly because I never really know if I will get it as a few years ago I received the box with egg wrappers and no chocolate as the postal workers must have eaten the contents… how rude! THANKS MEEEM FOR MAKING MY DAY!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Deja vu?

I just found out that a short little film I made when I got back from NZ has been chosen as one of the final 8 shorts of the Los Angeles Magazine Short Film Competition! It was funny as I had some free time this afternoon and though “I wonder whatever happened to that short I made” and went to the web site and thought “huh someone else made a film called “Mrs. Kim” – automatically assuming it was not mine as I had never heard back from them. I clicked on the link and WAIT – IT IS MY MOVIE??!! I almost had a heart attack! So much so they I had to watch it a 2nd time before it really sunk in – at this point I screamed and Ryan came running over to see what on earth I was shrieking at!

HOOLEY DOOLEY – I totally was not expecting it as I thought the judges would see it and think what on earth is this girl taking… I want some! However I guess they kind of sort of got my sense of humor, as they chose it as a finalist – hurrah! The winner will get their film screened at a major movie theater here, get meetings with an Agent and/ or Studio head as well as get a spread in Los Angeles Magazine (woot woot)! I think that this would be a GREAT next step for me so don't be shy… hop on over to click on Mrs. Kim - watch and click on the “Vote Now” link if you think it is worthy!!

I am still on a high from finding out…

Where did I leave off last? I believe that it was Tuesday? This week has been such a blur… but a good one. I met up with my friend Dan Mcfadden on Larchmont for coffee Wednesday morning to catch up…

have not seen him since Inception wrapped so it was great to fill in the gaps etc. Dan is a really talented photographer so I am trying to help him out with some connections and he is super connected in the film world so he was scratching my back too – so great! 

Then it was off to Mandy’s house for Americas Next Top Model Night… 

that's right folks, I am not ashamed to admit that I LOVE LOVE LOVE ANTM and am out and proud about it! This is also a blessing for Ryan as now he does not have to hide in the dressing room as I watch it! It was great to see Mandy and I took LP with me who fell head over heels in love with Maki one of Mark’s bullies – they made out for hours!

Thursday was also another fin packed day! The day was spend with Mischa as we hiked Runyon and then picked up Justin to have lunch at Tender Greens (SOOOO DAMN GOOD) 

and Frozen yogurt (sooo damn good too)! Nothing like eating more calories than you have burned after a hike! Mischa and I talked some shop as we are currently in negotiations with UCLA to co-direct a project for them… it is still up in the air as they may not be able to afford us (which is lame because we are damn cheap!) – fingers crossed folks!

Thursday night was at the Mansion with Tom, Whitney, Tara and Phil. 

At IHOP the other day we discussed the movie Selena and Whit and Tara were shocked that Tom and I had never seen it. Seeing as it was the month that Selena had died (over 10 years ago), we decided to pay homage to her with “Selena Night” where Whit bought the DVD 

and we ordered Mexican food and had Margaritas. 

IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! So much so that we are going to try to do an RIP night every month… I believe next up is the Jackson Five....

Friday was spent cleaning and writing (zzzzz) – looks as though I am not going to get this script in on time as I am TOTALLY not feeling it. I really am not a writer – It pains me to write… I need to find someone to partner up with as I have plenty of ideas… we shall see…

Then Saturday I got a call from my cultural ambassador Helen Kim (none other than my BFF/ daughter of the now famed Mrs. Kim who stars in my latest short movie). She told me that in the Japanese Mall in Little Tokyo 

there are several storefronts that have been empty for quite some time. Therefore they have started a new system where artists can get the key to an empty store front and use it as a space to showcase their art and sell it etc – HOW FANTASTIC IS THAT??!! 

We went and checked out some of the art (none of it to my taste but who cares?) and also scouted some of the spaces. Helen’s sister Caroline (or as we call her “Calorine” is an artist as well as one of Helens friends so we thought that we may all go in on a space together – so exciting!

Then today was the Larchmont Farmers Market. I met up with my friend Polly who I have also not seen since Inception wrapped. 

She just finished her thesis film and has been offered more film and the use of all equipment to make another – she is a very talented cinematographer and asked if I would be interested in directing something for her to shoot – HIP HIP HURRAH! Now racking my brain for the perfect short…

Also on the shelf is another competition (I am after all, a professional Competition Entererererer - CE for short!)… it’s for the band Pink Martini who want people to make their next music video. Problem is you have to MAKE the video and it may not get chosen but at this point I think that it would be a great addition to my reel and I have a cool idea for one of their songs so the next week will be spent thinking how I can pull this off… PHEW…

Oh oh and I cant forget this evening! It was Justin’s Birthday (Happy Birthday Justin) and we all went over to his favorite restaurant “The Cheesecake Factory” in Beverly Hills. 

It was 13 of us and we had a bit of a wait but it was well worth it – so much fun and lots of laughs (even the waiters got in on it)!

Oh and I HAD to shire this epic fail that I did a few days ago (poor Anna was on the phone with me when the disaster struck)...


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

where to start?

Blogging is truly a discipline that I have yet to master. If I don't blog each day, I loose the desire to do so and then I think about the fact that I really don't have anything to write about. Then I get hate mail from my mother (this seems to be a recurring theme in my blog entries) and then I get back on the band wagon to realize that my life is in fact not as dull as I make it out to be because I am always stumped as to where to start writing.

So that this does not become an epic, biblical proportion entry, I shall start with my weekend...

Saturday March 13th, 2010

One of the thing that I LOVE about living in Southern California is that even in mid March, it is warm enough to out on a pair of shorts and a tank top, sit outside and soak up the sun with a book. Did I do this? Nope – Ryan and I tackled 6 loads of laundry that we had been putting off for 3 weeks (agh)! Not exactly exciting stuff, but luckily my friends Sarah and Jesse are in town from NYC at the moment so they managed to whisk me away (with the Pig) to Larchmont for a coffee and a catch up – so great! 

The remainder of the day was spent folding said laundry, reading, and writing before I had a hankering for grilled cheese and tomato soup. Therefore I whipped up a batch of yummy soup and called it a day!

Mind blowingly interesting stuff - I know!

Sunday, March 14th 2010

My friends Whitney, Tara and I all worked on the movie “Funny People” together and have been fast friends ever since. We try to meet at least once a month for brunch... Anyhow, my friend Tom from Europe, worked on the movie “Get Him To The Greek” (coming out later this year) which Whitney and Tara worked on too so now our threesome has become an awesome foursome! Why am I telling you all of this?

Well Sunday, Tom dragged my but on a hike to Runyon Canyon again – and again, I hated getting there but ended up really enjoying it (sigh – when will I learn?). He brought along his friend Brandon who worked on “Greek” with him and we all huffed and puffed our way to the top.

We then went to white trash IHOP (International House Of Pancakes) which I KNOW is nasty, but it holds a deer place in Tom and my heart as it was one of the places you hear and see from over seas as the pinnacle of Americana and therefore we still get a little tingle of excitement at the “endless pancakes” and salads that come in industrial sized mixing bowls (all for the low price of $4.99)!

Anyhow, we met with Whitney and Tara there for our feast of fried food (delicious) and caught up with everyone’s news. Whitney is the assistant to Jonah Hill, 

Tom the assistant to Russell Brand, Tara the production secretary on “Bad Teacher” (a new Cameron Diaz movie) and Brandon does EPK (behind the scenes for movies) and is working on the new “Battleship” movie that is going to start shooting in Australia soon. 

We talked, talked and then talked some more (we may hold the record for being able to hang at IHOP the longest – I believe that we were there for about 2 hours Sunday)!

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Ryan’s Birthday – Hurrah! Well not really seeing as he had work from 7am – 5pm and then school until 10:30pm (waaa). Therefore I grabbed the pig, went over to Alia and Sabrina’s and left for a road trip up the coast to Leo Carrillo beach where they have caves, rock pools and great beaches. I wanted to explore this area as my friend Helen Kim had been a few weeks before and her photos looked great. She told me where to go etc and low and behold, when we got there I knew EXACTLY where I was as we had shot several scenes of the movie “Inception” right there (duh)! Naturally whilst I was working I didn't really have time to explore the rock pools and caves so it was great nonetheless!

Before we ventured, I had picked up some delicious macaroons from this great French Bakery called “La Provence” in Beverly Hills 

(as this is where I also pick up Ryan’s Birthday Cake every year)! We found a little cave by an empty stretch of beach, laid a blanket down, ate macaroons, 

played in the waves, 

explored the rock pools and ran around 



– what a grand way to spend the day!! I was sure that Little Pig would over heat and threaten to die, but he was in fact fine with little rests in the cave! 

I will definitely be going back there as it was a little paradise!

On the way home we stopped at the Malibu Kitchen and got some sandwiches and drinks – it was so yummy.

It was then time to go home so I could prepare Ryan’s Birthday dinner etc.

Tuesday, march 16th 2010

Today was up and out of the house early with my friend Mischa to go to USC 

for a seminar presented by UCLA and USC on “Transmedia, Hollywood: Selling/Telling the Story” (phew)! I was not really sure what to expect, but spending the day with Mischa can never be bad so went along!

Mischa picked me up at 8:15am, we hit up Starbucks and then were on our way. The first panel was kind of interesting but I just felt like they were stating the obvious. Therefore Mischa and I played hooky for the 2nd panel and went off to the little farmers market down the street for lunch (best idea ever!). 

We had a great time sampling everything and then decided on Mexican for lunch (yum)! Afterwards we went back for the 3rd panel and actually skipped out of that one early as well as it was a little dull. We went for food again (aka back to the farmers market for some REALLY yummy berries) and then drove back to Hollywood!

 I am home now, and ready to get back to writing as I storyboarded and wrote a whole bunch of other stuff during the seminar (woops!). I am also going to Google how the hell to get beetroot stains off my hands as I just peeled 3 of them and look like I have committed some serious murders – agh!