Monday, June 29, 2009

Executive Pig

Today I decided to bring the Pig to work. Ryan works nights, so does not get back before I leave on Monday mornings. Usually, I leave the Pig in bed and he quite happily nods back off to sleep, however this morning he was up and willing to leave so I took him with me.


He made the rounds and warmed the hearts of most of my co-workers (Elona I believe could have done without his heavy breathing and general shenanigans!). He spent a good portion of his day vacuuming crumbs off the floor and taking naps (sigh!).


Then it was out to dinner with Rachel who is in town from NYC. I managed to see her last month at Hana's graduation, but only for a wee bit so it was really nice to catch up over dinner. We walked over to Larchmont (do you see a pattern forming here?) and ate at this great Italian restaurant called Bottega.


Afterwards, I had promised to go out as my friend Tom's wing-woman. He had promised to get me home by midnight, as I was really not in the mood to party like a rock star. Rachel and her friend decided to join as I think that they were intrigued as to the vague nature of what Tom had invited us too...


What originally started off as "Hey, my friend who is a singer is performing at the Avalon tonight", ended up being more along the lines of "My friend is at this super gay club and will perform a single number with 50 back up dancers and we will dance to Beyonce but then stop when we realize that the sea of homosexual men are all better dancers than us and know all the moves to "All The Single Ladies"" - AMAZING!


Somehow, as time progressed, it seemed like a mighty fine idea to all get tattoo's. I went with a snake, Rachel with a scull and swords, Rachel's friend with a bulldog and Tom with a semi-naked lady. Would have been acceptable to simply call it a night there, but unfortunately Tom's friend did not go on until almost midnight, so we had plenty more time to kill... This lead to my mustache (yes mustache) and Tom's Tiger on his chest!

Needless to say we had a grand (or should I say "gay") old time!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday - not the day or rest (sigh)...

With me leaving next weekend, Ryan and I thought it time to get the place in order for when Taisuke and co. come to stay and then Alia and co. We have been meaning to re hang the curtains, hang new ones in the bathroom and last but not least hang the huge ass painting I purchased on a whim 2 weekends ago. We are forever indebted to our neighbor Kevin who not only donated his time and patience, but also his tools and knowledge. It is sad that Ryan and I are close to special needs when it comes to handy work...

Keving hanging curtains

Kevin hanging the curtains...

Keving hanging painting

Kevin hanging the painting...

Ryan "Helping"

Ryan "helping"...

I really love this piece. It is oil on canvas by an unknown artist. The colors and the aggressive brush strokes remind me a little of Francis Bacon's work - even the two horses have a "melting" quality much like his. When you stand in front of the piece its almost like you get engulfed by it and and can feel the energy of the wind and the animals coming towards you - those of you staying here or visiting will have to come and have a gander!

After all of Kevin's hard work we decided to walk over to Larchmont for the Farmers Market and some late brunch (it was almost 3:30pm by the time we left). The market was closing up, but I did manage to get some Dal and Curry from the nice Indian man for dinner tomorrow and he threw in some mango chutney for free!

Ryan eating

We then went to "Cafe Du Village" - a staple for us. Serge (the owner) was there who I have not seen in quite some time so we chatted a little before and got caught up on all the local gossip (it has been slow!). Ryan ordered the Bree and Apple Sandwich which is fantastic, and I went with scrambled eggs with feta, and a side of Avocado - all was delicious! Much to our delight, Serge came out with a little bag of French cookies for us to take home - yum yum!

French Cafe cookies

Little Pig has a routine when we go to Larchmont where he stops at the magazine rack to get a treat, the book shop and then "The Barking Lot" - Sadly because it was Sunday, the Barking Lot was closed. Little Pig was both heartbroken and confused!

The Barking lot

Ryan has to work tonight so after a quick nap, he was off - but not before realizing that he had purchased an extra deep V neck T-shirt from American Apparel instead of the regular v and therefore was looking rather fruity! I added the chain necklace to heighten it (the headband is something that he has been sporting free willingly lately - I think that he has been watching too much European soccer)!

Ryan and gay shirt

Callie then came over to hang out and we chatted the night away as usual - talking about everything and anything. Little Pig almost peed himself with excitement when she arrived as he has not seen his queen bee in a few months! He then promptly passed out from all the energy he had exhorted!