Monday, March 8, 2010

Chiara outshines the Oscars!

Ryan, Alia, Sabrina and I had a blast at the midnight screening of “Alice and Wonderland” Saturday night. We pre purchased VIP tickets to the sold out screening at the El Capitan Theater and it was well worth the steep $25 price tag.

What I love about going to the movies there on opening weekend is that it is usually the die-hard fans that make up the audience. People dress up and go all out and to be a part of that ride makes the experience that much cooler. Not only that, because the El Captain is owned by Disney and Wonderland is one of their movies, they had great prize give aways at the beginning and the entire theater was decorated according to Wonderland! We had free popcorn and drinks with our price of admission and Sabrina had brought along mini chocolate mushroom cookies to munch on and to go along with the theme of Alice in Wonderland – so thoughtful!

Anyhow, I enjoyed the movie (despite its giant flaws), and was plagued by horrid dreams of Jabberwockies (sp?) etc. Thank god I did not have that much time to stay asleep, for Sunday morning it was my good friend Clio’s daughters 2nd Birthday party. 

Seeing as my nephew Nayou is so far away, Chiara is like my surrogate niece and I love her to death. 

She is cute, cheeky, smart, did I mention cute?

It was a great gathering in Clio’s backyard with mostly adults that have all helped in babysitting and helping out with Chiara. John (Clio’s husband) manned the grill with Ryan.

I concentrated on devouring everything in vast quantities (Clio is the most AMAZING cook I know)! It was a lovely afternoon and I can’t wait for Chiara to turn 3!!

This is the great party store down the street from me. I got these two "walker" balloons that you can drag behind you and it is as though they are walking behind you. Chiara is really into balloons at the moment!

Blowing out her candles!

Opening her presents!

Chiara and her cousin Rena

Rena having cake for the first time!

Lucy and Dan

It was then off to West Hollywood to my friend Mandy’s house for the Oscar party. We had ballots and I was late so hastily filled mine in and now have to bare the shame of knowing I voted for James Cameron to win best director when in fact I KNEW I should have gone for Katherine Bigelow – how exciting to have watched the first woman receive her best director award. It was a great night – some of my friends I had not seen in quite some time so it was lovely to catch up!

On the way home I was thinking, there is only one “best Director” category so why on earth are actors divided up into men and women? In all honesty the whole thing is a little strange as it is not a level playing field. If we were to truly judge who is the best actor, they would all have to play the same role, in the same film etc. That being said, seeing as that is not possible and each actor is judged for the movie they made and the role they played – why are there separate categories for men and women? Shouldn't there just be a “best Actor” category? The Oscars are always harping on about the ceremony going too long, why not drop the separated categories and go for one? Just a thought…

PS Not sure why I have no pics of Sarah and Mandy from the Oscar party? Perhaps my camera is sexist? 



  2. Well, now that is over....what a great time you all had. Only in America would all that be stuff you never knew you NEEDED (as opposed to WANTED) available. Ciara looks so grown up. I am really looking forward to seeing her again this summer/autumn. Love Mem