Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snip Snip Snip

Every time I think that it could not get any worse, I remember that there was once upon a time Freshman year in college where I had to edit an episode of Gunsmoke on the old Steinbeck machine and physically CUT film (I have the scars to prove it).

My face now that I have been staring at my computer screen since 9am!

This gives me a second wind to sit back on my stool and keep cutting (agh). I am writer, director, cinematographer, sound designer, dialogue editor, color grader, producer blab la bla for this little project I am working on… one job I did manage to outsource (and thank god I did) was the VO (voice over).
I am lucky to be surrounded by really talented friends and it just so happens that my friend Mischa is a professional voice over artist (among many other things)! It also just so happens that he was fresh of a plane from Germany en route to San Francisco, so despite the fact that he had the bubonic plague and a barely audible voice, I sat poor Mischa down and made him belt out a couple of lines of dialogue for me.
I am pretty sure that I owe him my right ovary at this point – THANKS MISCHA!

The remainder of the day (it is now tomorrow – does that even make sense??!!) has been spent editing (agh!) and tomorrow I am hoping to be able to wrangle my friend Tim Zimmer (editor oracle) to work some magic on my shortcomings (and there are plenty of them).

Wednesday is when this is due and then I can get on with my life (hurrah)! Just in time as I have a lunch date with my old friend Jonathan Beckerman (www.jonathanbeckerman.com) who is now a photographer on Thursday, then Friday its off to IKEA with Clio, Friday night its the midnight screening of Alice in Wonderland with Alia and Sabrina, then Saturday night it is the Spirit Awards (yeee harrrr) 

and then Sunday it is Chiara’s Birthday party followed by the Oscars (woot woot)!

Ok, back to editing I go…

PS Is it just me, or does everyone have major doubt about themselves and their work when it is almost done? Without exception, I get to the end of something and begin to convince myself that it may possibly be the silliest, worst, mot embarrassing thing ever created??!! Geesh…


  1. hmmmm was that last one a rhetorical question? If not, my answer is..."usually". I would love to see what you have made if it is at all possible. A great deal of thought and effort has gone into it and i am sure the Aya magic has been at work. Good luck with it my dear. Love Mem

  2. You know you can get a tan from sitting in front of a computer screen for toooo long

  3. mintivie - my code letters to pass the getting posted portal After 3 months of posting on your sites I'm wondering whether if I'd kept the words, in sequence, I'd be wiser because of the message these random words are saying ...