Sunday, March 21, 2010

Deja vu?

I just found out that a short little film I made when I got back from NZ has been chosen as one of the final 8 shorts of the Los Angeles Magazine Short Film Competition! It was funny as I had some free time this afternoon and though “I wonder whatever happened to that short I made” and went to the web site and thought “huh someone else made a film called “Mrs. Kim” – automatically assuming it was not mine as I had never heard back from them. I clicked on the link and WAIT – IT IS MY MOVIE??!! I almost had a heart attack! So much so they I had to watch it a 2nd time before it really sunk in – at this point I screamed and Ryan came running over to see what on earth I was shrieking at!

HOOLEY DOOLEY – I totally was not expecting it as I thought the judges would see it and think what on earth is this girl taking… I want some! However I guess they kind of sort of got my sense of humor, as they chose it as a finalist – hurrah! The winner will get their film screened at a major movie theater here, get meetings with an Agent and/ or Studio head as well as get a spread in Los Angeles Magazine (woot woot)! I think that this would be a GREAT next step for me so don't be shy… hop on over to click on Mrs. Kim - watch and click on the “Vote Now” link if you think it is worthy!!

I am still on a high from finding out…

Where did I leave off last? I believe that it was Tuesday? This week has been such a blur… but a good one. I met up with my friend Dan Mcfadden on Larchmont for coffee Wednesday morning to catch up…

have not seen him since Inception wrapped so it was great to fill in the gaps etc. Dan is a really talented photographer so I am trying to help him out with some connections and he is super connected in the film world so he was scratching my back too – so great! 

Then it was off to Mandy’s house for Americas Next Top Model Night… 

that's right folks, I am not ashamed to admit that I LOVE LOVE LOVE ANTM and am out and proud about it! This is also a blessing for Ryan as now he does not have to hide in the dressing room as I watch it! It was great to see Mandy and I took LP with me who fell head over heels in love with Maki one of Mark’s bullies – they made out for hours!

Thursday was also another fin packed day! The day was spend with Mischa as we hiked Runyon and then picked up Justin to have lunch at Tender Greens (SOOOO DAMN GOOD) 

and Frozen yogurt (sooo damn good too)! Nothing like eating more calories than you have burned after a hike! Mischa and I talked some shop as we are currently in negotiations with UCLA to co-direct a project for them… it is still up in the air as they may not be able to afford us (which is lame because we are damn cheap!) – fingers crossed folks!

Thursday night was at the Mansion with Tom, Whitney, Tara and Phil. 

At IHOP the other day we discussed the movie Selena and Whit and Tara were shocked that Tom and I had never seen it. Seeing as it was the month that Selena had died (over 10 years ago), we decided to pay homage to her with “Selena Night” where Whit bought the DVD 

and we ordered Mexican food and had Margaritas. 

IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! So much so that we are going to try to do an RIP night every month… I believe next up is the Jackson Five....

Friday was spent cleaning and writing (zzzzz) – looks as though I am not going to get this script in on time as I am TOTALLY not feeling it. I really am not a writer – It pains me to write… I need to find someone to partner up with as I have plenty of ideas… we shall see…

Then Saturday I got a call from my cultural ambassador Helen Kim (none other than my BFF/ daughter of the now famed Mrs. Kim who stars in my latest short movie). She told me that in the Japanese Mall in Little Tokyo 

there are several storefronts that have been empty for quite some time. Therefore they have started a new system where artists can get the key to an empty store front and use it as a space to showcase their art and sell it etc – HOW FANTASTIC IS THAT??!! 

We went and checked out some of the art (none of it to my taste but who cares?) and also scouted some of the spaces. Helen’s sister Caroline (or as we call her “Calorine” is an artist as well as one of Helens friends so we thought that we may all go in on a space together – so exciting!

Then today was the Larchmont Farmers Market. I met up with my friend Polly who I have also not seen since Inception wrapped. 

She just finished her thesis film and has been offered more film and the use of all equipment to make another – she is a very talented cinematographer and asked if I would be interested in directing something for her to shoot – HIP HIP HURRAH! Now racking my brain for the perfect short…

Also on the shelf is another competition (I am after all, a professional Competition Entererererer - CE for short!)… it’s for the band Pink Martini who want people to make their next music video. Problem is you have to MAKE the video and it may not get chosen but at this point I think that it would be a great addition to my reel and I have a cool idea for one of their songs so the next week will be spent thinking how I can pull this off… PHEW…

Oh oh and I cant forget this evening! It was Justin’s Birthday (Happy Birthday Justin) and we all went over to his favorite restaurant “The Cheesecake Factory” in Beverly Hills. 

It was 13 of us and we had a bit of a wait but it was well worth it – so much fun and lots of laughs (even the waiters got in on it)!

Oh and I HAD to shire this epic fail that I did a few days ago (poor Anna was on the phone with me when the disaster struck)...



  1. Wahhhhh....soooo exciting my dear. I will get onto sending out the news and garnering votes again. Lurrrve Mem oxoxox :D xooxoxoxox

  2. The word is on the street and the hit counter is rolling. Mrs. Kim, prepare yourself for stardom.