Thursday, March 11, 2010

Professional Competition Entererererer

My dear friend Helen Kim is threatening to leave Los Angeles to go to grad school in Texas – I told her that she is being very selfish if she does this as she is not thinking of me and what on earth I would do without her! Helen is that person that always has her finger on the pulse about anything and everything that is happening around town. I feel if she left, I would be culturally void and possibly the most uninteresting human being (so sad). 

My cool friend Helen Kim

In any case, it was dear Helen who told me about…


Given that now I am a full time, professional competition enterererer, I decided that I should enter it. I hate writing, I have plenty of ideas but would much rather hire someone whose writing I admire to pump the scripts out for me. Having said that, being poor, I cannot afford such a luxury and therefore I have to rely upon myself (grumble grumble).

I have decided to write a 15 minute short called “Damn These Slanty Eyes” – its an idea I have played with before, but now am thinking live action (rather than the animation I made). It’s about Asians seeing in wide screen and white people seeing in TV aspect ratio – it's a comedy (duh!) so we shall see…

Aspect Ratios - its funny... trust me!

With my new competition entering profession, it would be really easy to wake up late, drink coffee, walk to Larchmont and stare at the trees. Nevertheless, I have been trying to keep my days really structured in order to keep sane (or what little sanity I have in place). Therefore I wake up around 9am (still late – I know!) and then have breakfast as I check my e mail (this is really riveting I am sure) and then start work on whatever it is I am working on (aka today it was my script). Then I allow myself one adventure a day – weather it be going to Larchmont, having coffee with someone etc. Today it just so happened that my outing/ adventure was to…


Now this I am sure means nothing to most of you but it is in fact one of my favorite places to eat in Los Angeles. It closed down over a year ago because of insane rents etc but has just re opened with the EXACT SAME MENU (oh dear – there goes any hopes of loosing all this weight… sigh)! 

I was introduced to the place by Mischa so what better way to get back into the wing of it than with Mischa, Justin and Mandy…

Mandy and Mischa

Mischa and Justin

Justin trying to be a Japanese tourist - he wishes!

I had the famous French Onion soup and Doughboy salad (yum) 

while Mandy and Justin went with the Tuna Melt and chicken noodle soup. 

Mischa had something that looked… well a little strange but he seemed happy! It was delicious and what is great is that it is right next to “Chateau marmut” where all the fancy dogs go to get groomed so its like watching a little doggy parade from your table… though I think this one may have been a polar bear…

We were all good and steered clear of their famous “Red Velvet Cake” – though now I am wishing I had some… waaaaa

In sad news, Corey Haim passed away yesterday. 

It was such a shock to me as just the other day when I was thinking who I could get to write me recommendations for my HBO application, none other than Corey’s name came up. My good friend Noah has been his neighbor and friend for years and said that Corey was willing to do it for me. I had said to hold tight as it looked as though Judd Apatow and Mark Romanek were going to come through and the next thing I heard... Corey had passed away in the night. So so sad… in honor of him, Justin, Mandy, Ryan and I are off to a midnight screening of “Lucas” tomorrow…

PS in totally different news, in a strange twist of things Mark Romanek never ended up writing my recommendation? Not sure what happened as he said “yes” and that he loved my short etc and then never got back to me? Never replied to my last few e mails etc… Mark – if you are out there… I am worried… are you ok? It turned out all right in the end as my savior Mardie (the Louise to my Thelma) managed to get our friend Massy Tadjedin to write one for me. Not only is she a kick ass female director (her next movie starring Keira Knightly, Sam Worthington and Eva Mendes “Last Night” comes out this year), but she is also a writer and an awesome person – THANK YOU MASSY and MARDIE!!


  1. Mawwwaaahah! Full time competition enterereerere indeed! Your idea is very funny-- I want to read it when you're done!

    I also like how you chose a random photo of me that you stole from one of my facebook albums.

  2. Does this mean that when MY children watch a movie they see it half slanty eyed and half "whatever the other bit is called"?
    What will happen to my dear grandchild?? WahhhhwhathaveIdonewahhhhh!

  3. PS
    It all sounds splendid. Send me the script of the Slanty Eyes for a preview.
    Good luck with all the pots you have bubbling away on the fire.
    As always, everything is being kept crossed for you my dear. (Well ALMOST everything).
    Whenever you feel a bit down, play "Sweet As" and remember what it felt like to live your dream.
    Love Mem xoxooxoxoxoxox

  4. Still cant get over the rats at Doughboys...that place will never be clean.

  5. Helen is my best friend,I don't know what the heck she is thinking!

  6. Aya Dharlink - you just have to STOP obsessing over/photographing/commenting/&, I suspect eating, FOOD n Associated paraphenalia = bits! Not on my girlie! When The Urge next hoits, pls phone 1 The Aunt 2 Mother OX, as always

  7. I've been collecting the random words that allow my postings to you because I suspected they hold clues to a Hidden Message. So far I have: intivie stolkal alstsue poingre licai.
    It is now becoming obvious because that last one definitely has something to do with food, doesn't it? YES

  8. And now 'procani' Proof - a definite allusion to smoked something, maybe I-talian

  9. ecaligin - do with this what you will ...

  10. Would you believe They just told us - snuctin It's true

  11. Just got oversser - I'm off now! Ta Ta

  12. Now an 'enden' which convinces me Someone is watching and I'm off to bed now