Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Remembering to breathe...

I don't think that I have ever been so busy in all my life. There have been so many changes and things since I last wrote! I apologize for the lengthy sabbatical I took, however it really came down to write a blog entry or get a few hours sleep!

Lets see… Maybe I should go down a list of what is going on – both to clarify my mind as well as get you up to speed!


My friends Caroline and Kristen are starting a gallery in Little Tokyo! 

My cultural Ambassador Helen Kim (who on a side note is abandoning me to move to Texas for Grad school) invited me to the Little Tokyo Galleria Mall a few weekends back to see some art and meet her friend Nancy who is the mastermind behind this GREAT gallery program. Due to the recession, the mall has been having a tough time keeping shops open and thus there are quite a few empty storefronts. Therefore Nancy has started a program in which artists can “lease” a storefront for free and use it to exhibit their art etc until someone wants to rent out the space! Therefore the mall has turned into a little artist colony with frozen yogurt, grocery stores and restaurants in-between! Such a great idea! We are hoping to have our place painted and ready to open in a week or so. 

Nancy was also gracious enough to invite us to her live/ work loft a few blocks away. 

She is a full time artist and has lived in her AWESOME space for over 30 years – it was truly a treat to go and ogle at all her beautiful things!


Yup – I am doing them on April the 9th with a new accountant that we have never used before. We tried doing them ourselves but it has gotten to the stage where it is simply too complicated and it looks as though we are going to owe the government quite a bit of bling – HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Ryan and I both make no money so we are mightily confused (and a tad angry - grrrrrr)… In the mean time its all about making a crap load of excel sheets - oh how I wish to be 8 again...


My latest short film “Mrs. Kim” is one of the final 8 short films in the Los Angeles Magazine Film Competition – you can vote for it until the 2nd of April and then the winner will be announced on the 16th… FINGERS CROSSED – GO VOTE!

Ryan’s best friend OP knows the agent/ manager for writers and directors at Evolution Management. Unbeknown to me, he zapped over my short films etc and I now have an interview with the Manager on Thursday of next week – SO EXCITED!

I am still without script for this one (Anyone? Buler?) – One of the best writers from the Your Big Break competition (Les) has offered to write me one and we have been playing around with some ideas that I think will work so I am keeping my fingers crossed… that being said it is cutting it awfully close as we want to start shooting (well We HAVE to start shooting) by May – eek!


A friend of mine who saw “Mrs. Kim” forwarded it to her friend who is making a documentary on African American kids at this school in San Diego. She saw Mrs. Kim and loved the animation so has hired me to do a wee animation for a segment of her documentary!


My good friend Mischa and I have just inked a deal with UCLA to make a documentary on 5 UCLA students who are making short movies that are being funded by Bill Gates. I can’t really give much detail on this one yet as the first production meeting is not until tomorrow – but I will keep you posted!


You know me – professional competition entererer, and the latest one that I entered was for the launch of the new Ford Fiesta here in the US. Ford is choosing directors from every major city in the US to create a commercial for the new car. I entered my pitch and supporting material but apparently forgot to hand in the actual application (epic fail). Nevertheless, they e mailed me yesterday and asked for it so I am hoping that that is a good sign??!! I should hear about this competition in the next few weeks…

I have decided to enter “Sweet As” into four film festivals. Why not more? Because IT IS TOO DAMN BLOODY EXPENSIVE??! Who knew! Most of the festivals have a $50 - $80 application fee, then you have to get dubs of your movie ($10 - $250 depending on what format they want it in) and then you have to insure mail everything to them ($10 - $80 per entry) meaning that 4 entries is going to cost my unemployed butt $875??!! I am trying not to think about it and look at it as an investment into my career (better damn well get an Oscar before I die eh!).

Ryan and I have been wanting to move into a new place for over a year now. I think that it is quite taxing for us to be in a studio – especially seeing as we have such different schedules. We were looking all over town but we really can’t bring ourselves to move from Hancock Park. Then we realized that prices had dramatically dropped in our building – a one bedroom is now the same price as what we pay for the studio that I have lived in for over 7 years now??!! Therefore we are moving on out (and up) to the 5th floor, into a south facing one bedroom! The official move date is April 16th so expect an invitation to an apartment warming very soon!

PHEW  - the above is the reason that I have been so MIA… I don't have time to breathe and although I like being busy, its just too much at the moment and I cant wait to get move, taxes, animation, film festival and Mrs. Kim off my list so that I can concentrate on the next short…

PS I joined LA Fitness on Sunday – 

I am getting fat… really fat and I am not sure why (not eating any different to usual). After replacing a lot of carbs with salad and not seeing any difference I decided to get my ass on the go and see if that changes anything… we shall see!

PPS My Easter package from my mother just arrived – 

have I ever mentioned that it is by far my most anticipated/ loved, cherished package that I receive each year? I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Easter package… firstly because my mother makes it so darn cute and always puts little things in there that make me smile. Secondly because it is the only time of year that you can get the most mouth watering “Spotty Migros Eggs” that I love 

and lastly because I never really know if I will get it as a few years ago I received the box with egg wrappers and no chocolate as the postal workers must have eaten the contents… how rude! THANKS MEEEM FOR MAKING MY DAY!


  1. yayayayayyyyyyyyy!!! :D
    So glad you liked the Package. I have as much fun making them as you do getting them. :D
    What a life you ave my dear. Am so excited about the new will make a huge difference AND you can stay in your own neighbourhood with all your friends...(Dad will be soooo happy. He would have been sooooo sad to visit you and not be amongst "his" buddies in Larchmont!)
    Remember to breathe least 5 times per hour.
    Love are a wonder.
    As always across the seas,

  2. Hi Aya! Just a little note to let you know Epito and I are rooting for you on this contest, too! We are enjoying your blog so much.