Sunday, February 28, 2010

And the winner is...

Well not our dear Little Pig – not even best smile or best legs (which we all know he has)… then again, maybe he did and I am just a bad pageant mum, because Aunty Alia and I got hungry and therefore missed the crowning (woops!).

That being said, what a spectacular day we had! I first peeled Little Pig out of bed at 8:30am (remember, he usually does not rise before noon) and packed him into Alfie the Mini. We then drove off to pick up Aunty Alia in Brentwood. After a quick caffeine stop at Starbucks, we were off to Seal Beach for the annual Bulldog Beauty Contest (yes – that was not  a typo, there is in fact an annual Bulldog Beauty contest). 

It is actually a fund raiser for dog shelters and adoption NGO’s, and over the years it has grown so large that they average around 400 bulldogs entering for 3 coveted prizes – overall beauty, best smile and best legs (all of whom win a years worth of food and treats).

As cute, funny, so ugly they are cute the dogs were, the owners were just as amazing to watch! A lot of them wore matching outfits to their dogs (AMAZING!) and then others just had fab outfits… if only there had been a way for me to snap secret pics of them…

Litte Pig kissing a friend

Little Pig cleaning out a friends ear (eww!)

We ran into my friend Morgan and some of her friends wich was great (I had not seen Morgan since we wrapped Inception) and then it was time for Little Pig to do his “Walk” across the stage and impress the judges. 

The Pageant was judged by Mrs. Long Beach and other beauty pageant winners!

They also had plenty of doggie spectators!

Unfortunately, he was sandwiched between the two cutest frenchie puppies (agh), 

Sooooo cute!

it was tough competition but I still have no doubt that he should have (maybe he did??!) won best legs…

After all that excitement, Little Pig was pretty much falling asleep on his feet so we hopped in the car and came back home! 

Other doggies were exhausted as well...

He is now sitting next to me having lovely puppy dreams (and being a lot more appreciative of his pageant mum, as she does not dress hi up in weird costumes…)!

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  1. Well WE all know who is the handsomest bestest dawg in the....buldog field. Now, competition between Miss Chibi and Wee Pig... THAT would be a really difficult one to call.
    Love to the Pig..I must say he looks remarkably accepting of the decision.
    Must be his splendid self confidence!
    Lurrrve Mem :D