Saturday, February 13, 2010

Music to my ears!

Outside of Park Road Post

I cant believe that the end is so close – it seems like just a few days ago I received the news that I was going to be shooting my very own movie in NZ! I guess now I can say, that I HAVE shot my very own movie in NZ (and its not too shabby if I do say so myself)!

I gave a rough copy to my sister, brother and husband to get some feedback and it was interesting. I am sure that they are all being polite and supportive but everything was great (except my husband did say that it felt like an episode of Malcolm In the Middle – I took offence to this, even though he thought it was a good thing… specially seeing as it was on the air for 10 years!).

Anyhow, it was picture locked 2 days ago so no turning back now! Today was spent waiting (nail biting) as Dave worked on my sound design, Tim worked on my sound effects and Chris worked on my dialogue. There was a line that was re written during the edit, so we had Luke Hawker come back in a record it (this in film nerd jargon is called ADR). 

Luke recording the new line in the ADR studio

I stepped into the ADR room and almost had a heart attack as it was so damn nice (not to mention the size of my entire apartment!). Luke was fantastic and Chris was amazing so combined, it took about 10 minutes to get it all done (hurrah!).

It was then back to nail biting as I had to wait until the end of the day to hear what the guys had mixed up for me. There was only so much Facebook looking I could do, so I took it upon myself to take a stroll down the street to get some afternoon snacks (aka bags and bags of sugar) to eat and take back for the others. I had forgotten how great NZ/ Aussie candy is, not to mention the cheese and VITA WEATS (yum yum)… it was by far the highlight of my day prior to getting to listen to what my home boys had cooked up (I am clearly too white to be using the term "Home Boys" as I don't even know if it is one or two words??!!)!

Across the street from Park are Tim and Chris' studio's

At 5pm I waltzed over to Chris who played me the dialogue – it was really great but one line was really bugging me. At first I thought that it was the level of it, but then Chris pointed out that it may just have been that take – he was right! We changed the take and the whole thing just fell into place… perfection!

Tim's playground!

It was then off to meet with Tim in his playground of fun noise making toys! He had been trolling away at getting all the great sound effects for the cars, the beginning and end sequence as well as the edit swipes etc. FANTASTIC does not even begin to describe this mans work – it was awesome!

Then it was off to visit the fearless Dave… I had no idea until he told me this afternoon that he is in fact NOT a composer and usually just does sound design (and by "just" I mean not "just" - if you get what I mean). This blew me away as he has composed now for Kristie’s movie and will start on Raj’s soon… DAVE IS A MUSICAL GENIUS! Seriously, who knew… Anyhow, I pushed the poor man to his limits today as I asked for a little brass number (pretty sure that he wanted to punch me), but he came through for me and it sounds AMAZING! When and if I ever make it, Dave is totally going to be on my team…

It’s an early night for me now, as tomorrow we go through everything and also do the final mix before screening it at 5:15pm…

Wish me luck!!


  1. Keep breathing OX Aunty RA

  2. Just talking to Mem - her internet is down and she's had to resort to phoning Austraila to get news of you in NZ. Letting you know she is thinking of you and sending love across thte seas to you

  3. OMG OMG withdrawal.
    What a weekend. Who would have thought I had become addicted to an electronic appliance.
    I did see this obviously just as you imagined it. What an amazing feeling that must be.
    I impatiently await the final cut.
    Know you are not abandoned.
    Love as always, Mem oxoxoxoxox

  4. Now what happens next ...