Tuesday, February 2, 2010

agh - my eye!

Oh dear god! This entry may have to be short and sweet as I just got back from a 12.5-hour location scout and am now blind… literally!

Turns out that I AM allergic to nature (have been telling people this for years!). My Los Angeles habitat of concrete has done me a dis service, for it was only a matter of hours before my fragile little city body started freaking out at the fresh air, clean water and majestic scenery by breaking out into hives and closing my left eye completely shut – aghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Claritin did nothing (ahem Claritin) and therefore I think that I will have to go to a doctor tomorrow to get a shot of some sort as I can barely type blind so think that I would make a pretty crappy blind director…

That being said, it was a VERY productive day indeed! The morning began at 6am for me (actually it was earlier as I could not sleep but made myself stay in bed until 6am). 

After a quick shower, I went over my work again and then went up to have some breakfast. For a mere $37 I got some eggs, toast, tomatoes, OJ and tea (eek!). 

It was nice as the view was spectacular – but I am thinking that I have to somehow hitch a ride into town to get cereal and milk before I become broke!
After breakkie, it was an 8:30am meeting with Catherine (my producer), Garry (my production manager) and Daz (my location manager). 
This is my very own office!

We went over my basic wants and ideas and then all decided that it was important for me to get out there, see what there was and start making some decisions as so may other factors hinge on the locations.
Therefore at 9am, Daz and I hit the ground running. Daz grew up in Queenstown and has worked as a locations scout forever – he knows EVERYONE (literally) and every nook and cranny in NZ (again... literally!). Did I mention that I am REALLY GLAD that he is on my team??!!

We started out quite far from Queenstown in order to get some older architecture. We found so many GREAT houses, 

however none that were perfect in the sense that they were next to another great house, or did not have driveways next to each other, or had 6 foot fences dividing he houses etc. Who knew that it would be THIS hard! We scoured 3 different towns and I had given up (thinking that I was going to have to go the total opposite and find track housing of some sort or a retirement home) when Daz out of the corner of his eye spotted 2 houses, 2 adjoining driveways, no fences and no big bushes/ trees in front (hurrah!). They were not at ALL what I had envisioned the houses should look like, but at this point I was just happy to have SOMETHING!

With some set dressing etc, I thought this could work…

Then as we were leaving town to start scouting locations for James’ traveling scenes, we stumbled upon these gems…

Not only that, the house with the tree obstructing it has an owner that wants that tree removed so we are negotiating getting that done for her! These houses are much more of what I had in mind, but having had the creative juices flow on the other two bland houses, I am now wondering what direction I want to go in! We shall see…

It was then another hour and 45 mins or so to where all the nature scenery was. 

Thank god Daz made me take photos as it was all starting to blur into one location to me (maybe the blurring had something to do with my eye that was closing??!!). But if felt like each location we went to was even more beautiful then the other! 

The problem was that there was not that much variation. I think we found the Italian vineyards…

The Norwegian fly-fishing…

The Swiss scenery…

With some more set dressing the Amazon…

But we really can’t get to the snow etc so we are going to have to use stock footage etc for a lot…
Ok, I have to end this here as I think that I may need to go to a doctor… my eye wont stop tearing and it has been 2 hours now with 2 Claritin…. WHY??!!


  1. hope your eye gets better hon! Trip looks amazing and am POSITIVE you will win this comp with all your enthusiasm and a great eye!!

    Justine x

  2. Pictures are gorgeous darling, take care of your eye! We have cookie exchange party waiting for you to get back here!

  3. OK...get yourself some fresh ginger. Eat it as food and/or as a tea (sliced thinly and steeped). Keep some wet flannels in seperate plastic bags and wipe your face and hands every half hour using a fresh one each time. A teaspoon of local fresh honey each morning and evening will bring almost instant relief for the allergies. Looks like things arte falling nto place. I am getting really excited. Love as always,Mem xooxoxoxoxox

  4. donde esta la netti pot?

  5. i wanted to say that too but........

  6. OOOOH, so exciting. Thanks for posting so many pics - I almost feel like I'm there with you.... Almost, ummmm not really, but i wish i was! I hope your allergies get sorted out ASAP.
    Hugs and kisses, AVSD

  7. Aw, hope your eye gets better! And good luck with everything!

    Photos are awesome -- keep them coming.

    Be well,