Saturday, February 27, 2010


My mother called me today to warn me of the end of the world that was coming my way (aka the tsunami warnings, which in fact I had no idea bout!). 

Then she followed that up with “Why have you not updated your blog – ahem”! Well there are two reasons for this. The first that I have genuinely been busy this week, and then secondly, I feel a little self-righteous continuing with a blog about my life when in fact there is really nothing going on…

Therefore I take this opportunity to apologize to all who read this for film and arts news and are now being bombarded with what I ate and what time I went to bed. Feel free to take an “Aya Adventure” hiatus and I can let you all know when you should tune in next (if ever!).

With that out of the way, let me tell you what I have been up to mum!

The last time I wrote I believe I was getting my ass in gear thanks to Tom and his dictator like powers over me. Thank god he has been summoned to Iowa or some god-forsaken place by his boss and has therefore left me to continue eating my way through Los Angeles!

Wednesday was a busy day in that I was prepping and shooting scenes for a little side project I am working on. I had wanted my friend Helen’s mother to be in it but she was having none of it. Then for some reason, she had a change of heart so I jetted over there and took advantage of her opening her home to me (hurrah)! She was so great and also insisted that I stay for dinner (yum!).

Thursday was spent getting all the footage logged and putting the finishing touches on my application for the Disney/ ABC DGA Directors Fellowship – for some reason this REALLY stressed me out and when I went to mail it, the lady at the post office told me that there are 2 guys in the neighborhood who put their applications in for the same fellowship every year (they have been doing it for over 5)… how depressing (fingers crossed everyone – what a shame it is not chosen by votes eh!).

In the evening my work husband Carlo and I went to dinner and to see my friend Norman perform his one-man show at the Noho Arts Center. 

It was so great to catch up with Carlo and we were even able to share food as whilst in NZ I discovered that I actually now like Beetroot (which is one of Carlo’s favorites) – yum yum!

Our Yummy Beets salad with pesto and arugula 

The show was really touching; it was a solo act in which Norman wrote all the music etc. I know Norman from the bookshop on Larchmont and had NO IDEA that he was such a great performer! 

This was his “coming out” so to speak and every night he is sold out (bravo indeed)! I am so proud of him!

Then on Friday it was back to editing, but not without a lunch break with my good friend Callie. Callie is on her way to Chicago today to start work on a new FOX TV pilot but will be back in 2 months. Little Pig has a HUGE crush on her and was so delighted to see her…

Today I would not have left the house if it were not to take pig out to pee. Seriously – it is now 7pm and I am still in my pajamas editing (sigh). It is not at all how I want it to be and not having money, a crew, postproduction facilities etc is rather sad (waaa). All the more reason to make it to the top…

Anyhow, tomorrow is another big day as Little Pig is entered into the Long Beach, International Bulldog Beauty Pageant (that right – he is running for Mr. Los Angeles). They have about 400 bulldogs in competition and all the money raised goes to animal rescue and shelters. Should be a laugh so will be sure to post photos tomorrow!

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  1. Finally! I thought you had become all prideful and no longer talking to us plebs.
    Can I click somewhere for Wee Pig to win the contest. he will be SO ROBBED if another dawg gets it. keep up your spirits..after all you are going to the SPIRIT AWARDS!! wehewehe