Saturday, February 6, 2010

Its raining - WHY?

I awoke this morning to rain, fog, clouds and every other crappy weather element I could have imagined. SHIT!
Good News? I also awoke to an original poem by my Aunt R'Adele - THANKS AUNTY R... you were the only thing that made me get out of bed and face the day!

Twas the night before shooting
and all through the lot
was a calmness that mattered
not realy a lot

Our Aya she fretted
then cleaned and gleamed
while at the back of the trailer
the designers they beamed

Production they fretted
while directors they petted
when up in LA La Cheque was presented

Cops quickly decended
On the crims who pretended
And when Mama she erupted
They became uncorrupted - ever, ever again!!

THE END (of a Saturday night 2 red-whines from The Aunt who didn't win on the Pokies either - dang, double dang)

Will give you a proper update on how the shoot goes today... sigh...


  1. That cannot beeeeeee!!! I Googled Queenstown this Swiss morning and even the web cam showed it was not raining (not sunny either but...)
    It WILL get better as the day progresses...promise.
    The good news? That notorious RED CAMERA won't go on strike due to over heating in the sun.
    More filming time!

  2. Glad to help and in the stark morning light can see why you wouldn't want to stay in bed rereading that all day Gotta do something better n that. It's been bucketing in Sunny Sydney for 3 days now so can't be enough water left in the stratosphere for this to continue happening over too much of the planet. Enough talk about the weather - we are starting to sound British

  3. I am keeping the faith here in Los stopped raining here around 10am today and gave way to sun when rain was predicted for the entire although that has nothing to do with the price of weather in Queenstown I have a feeling things are going to work out!

    In the meantime I am going to look into being a must be a stress-free existence when everyone knows you are full of crap!

    Hang in there Aya love. YOU CAN DO IT!

  4. Trust me. You are ALWAYS surrounded by fantastic chi. You only have to grab
    it. Tears don't help you. Only positive mind set will. Don't you ever forget
    confident and you will get a wonderful idea to use rain. Your staff will
    react to your mind set. A commander should always remain calm and confident
    and tell the men they will win. That is what you have to do now.

    No worries, Aya.