Friday, February 12, 2010


Jonno exporting my edit list for Kate who will do my digital effects and Tony who is my Eagle eye!

Its official folks – I am picture locked! In fact we did not have to be done until 5pm today, but we were pretty confident that we were done at 10am! Therefore we took extra breaks and then wrangled six innocent people to come and take a look at the film (one at a time) to get feedback. Not a single one of them had anything that they wanted to change (hurrah!).

Therefore, it was off to visit Jason Stutter as he continued with his sound mix and scoring of his feature film “Predicament” (so cool – seriously folks… it looks and sounds AMZEBALLS)… Jason was nice enough to come down and have a gander at “Sweet As” as well and he too was happy with everything (yippee)!

The actor Jemaine Clement from "Flight of the Conchrods" is one of the stars of "Predicament"

This meant that it was time for lunch! One spinach quiche later, Jonno and I were a little confused as to what else we could do. We then decided to start adding more sound effects (even though these will be done later) just to get the feel for the cuts etc. We also put some music over the montage sequence which sounds so good – only problem is that we do not have the rights to it (waa). It is actually a track from a Japanese TV show called “Lupin the Third” that Jonno had on his computer. Lucky for me I have the fierce and fabulous David Whitehead as my music supervisor. He came down, listened to the track and did not even hesitate in saying that he can compose me something similar – LOVE HIM!

After that, Kristie (one of the other directors) was screening her short – she was kind enough to invite me to go and take a look which was awesome! She has done a great job with her movie – there was a part that even gave me goose bumps (did I mention that Dave also scored her movie? So talented)! What was interesting is that Kristie and I obviously were given the exact same parameters and brief and yet if you tried, you would not have been able to come up with two movies more different than each other! This was kind of nice as I did not start comparing mine to hers etc, as they are so damn different that you cant even begin too….

Anyhow, after her screening it was finally past 5pm and time to do the official hand over of “Sweet As”. Its going to be weird and sad to not have Jonno time tomorrow as I have become quite accustomed to sharing a little room with him for hours on end. Lucky for me, Jonno was nice enough to ask me out to dinner with his lovely wife Reiko and their friend Stu. Given that it is a Friday night, it was really kind of them to give up their evenings to take my sorry, foreign bum out!

Jonno - aka my killer cutter (editor extraordinaire)!

Reiko and I with our pots of yummy goodness!

Stu was the odd man out as his food was on a plate - boo!

We went to this great little Japanese restaurant (yum!) and had these different dishes that were served in pots. I have never seen anything like it before, but it was quite yummy indeed (and a welcomed change to all the other stuff I have been eating)! It was a lovely evening of recounting quirky family stories and hearing about their adventures…

PS – people laugh and talk about how everyone knows everyone in NZ and the more time I spend here the more I realize that it is true. Well guess what? On the way to dinner this evening, we picked up Reiko at this video store and she was chatting to this girl called Inge. Turns out that Inge is none other than one of my brothers friends and to make matters more freaky, when I was chosen as a finalist to make my movie, my brother introduced me to Inge over e-mail as he said she would be a great resource should I need anything! Small world!


  1. OMFG FLIPPIN SWEET AAAAS!! PS hi jonno - thanks for taking care of my sister! yay.

  2. IT IS AMAZING AYA: Congratulations on job splendidly done. Please pass on thanks and hugs to all who helped make this dream come true. xo

  3. What a fabulous experience this has been for you, dear Aya. The best part is your generosity in sharing it all with us. Your blog makes me feel that I am part of everything you have gone and are going through every day: the "high and the not-so-high moments."
    We were out of the area and the Internet access was not that great. I couldn' wait to get back home to check on your blog. It has been worth waiting to catch up.
    As always, Epito and I are rooting for you and sending our best wishes and our love to you and your most excellent crew.