Friday, February 19, 2010

Freaky Friday

Ok ok, so it was not freaky at all - just sounds more exciting to start it off that way.

Actually, to be honest, I had to check that it was in fact Friday as I have lost track of days!

Today started off with a trip to the Valley (Burbank to be precise). I had asked my good friend Helen yesterday if I could do a mini documentary on her mum (her mum was having non of it) but we did realize that we both had nothing to do today so decided a trip to IKEA was in order (I needed candles and she needed curtains). 

Viet finding bargains on Craigslist - he has mad skills!

 Helens boyfriend Viet lives in Burbank so we met at his place and then walked over to IKEA where I saw this gem in a window...

and started our day with a hearty 99c breakfast of Swedish pancakes with elderberry sauce (or as Helen called is Legoberry!) - YUM!

Swedish Pancakes with Lingonberry Sauce and Elderflower Water (YUM!)

 Sadly they did not have the curtains Helen wanted, but I scored well in the candle department (being the good friend Helen is, she talked me out of purchasing a throne for Little Pig that I was convinced I needed)!

From there I hopped back in the car to go home and meet Alia and Sabrina. They came over were we hung out before walking over to Larchmont get some food (our favorite past time and apparently what I do all day long... hmmmm).

We went to the Larchmont Bungalow (out regular hang out) and were fortunate enough to meet one of the cooks there who I jokingly pretended to be disgruntled with over the fact that they never have a vegetarian soup option. He then said, "well what do you want?" to which I said "tomato soup". Low and behold about 15 minutes later 3 large bowls (and by large bowls I can only describe as "buckets") arrived with the most delicious tomato soup! 

People kept passing on the street and asking what it was and wanted to order it but were denied (he he he). He then tried to send out free dessert but we were already having a tough time getting up off the bench so politely declined and walked over to Chevalier Books.

 Little Pig got his treats (which looked suspiciously like human cookies - so much so that Norman who works there thought they were and helped himself to some??!!). Speaking of Norman, he has what looks to be an AWESOME one-man show coming up on February 25th - 28th at the Noho Arts Center ( Anyhow we completely lost track of time so what was originally going to lead to a trip to Target soon became a hightail back home so that Sabrina could go do some volunteer work!

I dabbled at some short film ideas before cooking Yakisoba for Ryan and I (why is everything I write about food??!!)...


PS can we talk about the fact that I am going TOTALLY insane with analyzing my short movie? Wondering what is going to happen, what movie Peter Jackson is going to choose, why he will choose that one bla bla bla... need to be able to turn my damn brain off!! agh!

Me on my bed watching "Sweet As" for the ?? time!


  1. I am curious to ear what ideas you are mulling over for your next movie Aya. You can always come over here and shoot my version of teh Sound of Music. Hana,Chibi,H's friend "?" and I already have one song done in Gruyere "in the can". Calming thoughts being sent your way. Remember,you have already won with this amazing experience.
    Lurrrrve Mem oxox :D

  2. Ditto on Mem's comments: "You have already won this amazing experience." Also, the Yakisoba looks great. Epito would like to know if you wouldn't mind sharing your recipe, as he loves noodles and they certainly look yummy.

  3. Ha-ha! Legoberries! We need to hang out again- maybe ice cream making session?

    And it seems like you are on a Japanese-cooking streak... can you make me some yummy rice balls with the plums?

  4. I want Yakisoba!!!