Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Home "Sweet As" home!

Just a quick note to say that I have arrived back in my concrete oasis safe and sound! Unlike my trip to NZ, I was not sandwiched between two Christian Crusaiders, but instead had three seats all to my very self (hurrah!). I lay out, passed out and did not wake up until someone poked me to say that we were starting our decent into Los Angeles!

It was then the Super Shuttle (Ryan was working and I did not feel as though I could ask any more of my friends after all they have done while I was away), and I felt right at home when the dispatcher with only 3 teeth spat "maam, it will be as long as it damn well takes" when I asked how long the van was! ahhhh good old America!

I have since tried to sleep but Little Pig was having none of it (strange as he spends 23 hours of his day sleeping) so I walked him to Chevalier's Book Shop (a local book shop that I love) and had a quick natter to everyone there about my adventures. 

I am now back home, and seriously delirious. I am off to bed but promise a good, proper, funny, with photos update tomorrow when I am more human! The adventure is just beginning folks (even if that adventure is just me going to the supermarket... don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up just yet... No studio executives left messages for me while I was away begging for a meeting - how strange??!!)... ha ha ha

PS Before I go and pass out - It appears that Peter Jackson (or PJ as the cool kids call him) will be watching our movies on February the 23rd (New Zealand time) and we should find out 24 hours from then if we are the winner (though honestly folks... as nice as it would be, I can't imagine needing more than what they have already given me... I still can't believe that I made my first movie, in NZ, produced by Oscar winning Barrie Osborne... WHAT??!!)


  1. What! I would picked you up-- would have given me a great reason to skip work-- welcome back anyhow. Can't wait to see the movie!

  2. aw shit, has it really been three weeks? did you really just go and make a kick ass movie? in NEW ZEALAND? its been amazing following your adventures through your blog. i can't wait to see the final cut (HINT HINT) and wait for you to get that phone call from pj. welcome back!

  3. yayyyy.....safe and sound so I can now uncurl my toes! Glad the return home was less eventful than the departure. Rest and bask in the glow of this splendid adventure. Will phone after school today and have a goo natter. Sweet..dreams. hehehehe
    Love as always, Mem xooxoxoxoxooxox

  4. hard to believe that 3 weeks has passed and your wonderful movie/experience is locked in. Unfortunately I now have a very bad habit of scanning your blogs for news every 10 minutes. Apparently it takes 21 days to break a habit so I'm off to ask Bill to hide my mouse and keyboard. Rest well and all the best settling back in to planet LA

  5. Well I can assure you 3 days was painful and just made the need to "check in" worse! Mind you I did get down and finally finish my first children's book.Yayyy. Get ready for possible publication in about 6 months!!!!

  6. Welcome home, Aya! "Rest and recuperate" and may all your great work pay off handsomely!
    The Epitos