Friday, February 5, 2010


And all through the production office it was CRAZY!!! Actually not really at all – it has been eerily calm, collected and civilized! 

Joe (my AD) telling me he is going to strangle me if I don't cut more shots (JK!)

Gary (my Production Manager) looking frazzled at the budget?!

So much so that this morning I was having a wee panic attack that I was missing something huge (I can always tell when I am stressed as I start to clean – I re organized all the furniture in the office, cleaned the whiteboard and re wrote everything on it…

Re hung all the clothes on the costume rack etc!

Anyhow, it was only about 30 mins of down time before I was sat down with James (my DP) to get rid of shots in my shot list (why?). We trimmed some of the not so fatty, fat and was told that more had to come out (the whole movie may be one wide angle shot at this point – agh!).  In typical Aya fashion, I ignored this issue and went onto meet with Pip (my fab costume designer) to look at things that she had found in a far away place (same as before, but still cant remember the name). She found the PERFECT dress for Granny 

– now we just have to hope that she fits into it (Pip will do costume tests tomorrow with Granny and Nanna while I am shooting as they could not get in earlier due to their schedules). I am confident that Pip will do me proud and when we wrap tomorrow, I will come back to the office to make my selects.

In the afternoon, both Milo and Luke arrived for the costume tests. We had set it up to shoot them at the same time for green screen shots (for the photo album pics) so the poor guys had to dress in Arctic gear etc in the Queenstown heat (they don't have AC here in the hotel) but they were both super troopers! 

Just got the message that we cant use the logo on the shorts - AGHHHH!!!!!!! Will use alt. pair now... (I am very sad)...

We got the looks, the shots and then zapped the files over to Ken (Production Designer) to work his magic on.

It was then back to the shot list for me (waaa), and I now have it down to a number that has been approved by everyone (phew). I am hoping that I can shoot Ninja style and get everything much quicker than others think and therefore add in some of my detail shots… fingers crossed folks!

In other news, I just found out that someone has cashed a rather large check of mine (that was not written out to them – must have been intercepted in the mail), but much like the shot list, I am ignoring this issue for now and will deal with it next week. NO ONE OR NO THING IS RAINING MY MY PARADE (except maybe the rain is there is still 40% chance of it for tomorrow – the way I look at it is that our odds are still greater for it not to rain so I am all good!).


  1. You are so right my dear. Stay focused on the most important things.
    Delegate delegate and delegate again.
    Put me onto the **** who dared to take your hard earned cash and they will regret this bad karma move for a very long time. Useful prayers, calming vibes, blue light and loads of love being sent across the seas as always, Mem :D xooxxo

  2. Twas the night before shooting
    and all through the lot
    was a calmness that mattered
    not realy a lot

    Our Aya she fretted
    then cleaned and gleamed
    while at the back of the trailer
    the designers they beamed

    Production they fretted
    while directors they petted
    when up in LA La Cheque was presented

    Cops quickly decended
    On the crims who pretended
    And when Mama she erupted
    They became uncorrupted - ever, ever again!!

    THE END (of a Saturday night 2 red-whines from The Aunt who didn't win on the Pokies either - dang, double dang)

  3. a wise man once said: "i am sending you the best vibe (yep, just one) my Chi can produce" xx

  4. PS pip's costume selections look GREAT!! pip for the win. and i wouldn't fret too much about not being able to use that pair of shorts... i actually don't really dig them, they're almost tooooo silly...? the characters are caricatures, but they should also be credible! (and i kinda felt like those shorts in combination with that jersey seemed too over-the-top to be really credible. so this may actually be a good thing disguised as a pain in the ass)! lulz

  5. A wise woman once said:" a single best Chi vibe be very powerful". Be grateful for small mercies.

  6. As you know...I like my shorts shorter and "the mens" even shorter

  7. No worries. Good actresses can (should be able to) fit themselves into any dresses. You are the fanstastic director like Peter J. Just enjoy shooting. Dad