Thursday, February 4, 2010

Budget Shmudget - right?

I have been told that I am over budget (nooooo!), the hard thing is that I am not allowed to see the budget so don't know where I can trim in order to keep what is truly important to me.

Anyhow, I have decided to ignore the problem (probably not the best idea) and concentrate on my tasks at hand. These consisted of choosing the two hero cars for Nanna and Granny. I was sent choices from the Wanaka Car Museum, which is a few hours away – WHAT AMAZING CHOICES! I chose 2 great vintage NZ cars that look quite similar...

What is great is that Nanna’s car is the same colors as the Vespa that Sean will pull up on! Could not have worked out better! Now we just need James’s car and we will have all picture cars locked!

Most of my day was actually spent listening to Kiwi music (Gary was kind enough to put about 700 songs on his iPod for me to listen too as possible options for my montage sequence). So whilst I listen, I was combing through thousands of photos on the NZ Tourism Stock library for ones that we can use to green screen James and Sean into for the photo albums.

What I thought would be a fairly easy task is in fact quite complicated (it has taken me all day – agh!). I think that we almost have it under control which is great – we have a post production conference call at 8pm tonight to discuss weather or not it would be cheaper/ better to cheat it and do it all in post (we shall see)! Thank god I had a SUPER yummy lunch to keep me going!

Out PA Heidi set it all out and warmed the bread etc and it was SO good! What is not so good is the packaging on the rice crackers here in NZ…

they would be sued in a split second if they ever packaged rice crackers like this in the States (I kind of love it but we know how un PC I am!)…

In other exciting news, my DP James and my AD Joe started today! We will go tomorrow to my locations to go over shooting, angles, timing etc. I have been told my shoot day with the Grannies is WAY too long, but my argument is that they are all really quick set ups and shots so tomorrow will decide my fate (fingers crossed please!).

Lastly, my Costume Designer Pip started as well – she is awesome and totally pulled the BEST look for the character of James.

Unfortunately, it does not look as though we are going to be able to use the NZ All Blacks logo as it has not been cleared. Therefore we are going to go with a generic jersey and some really makey short shorts (sorry Luke for making you wear them!).

Pip was also having trouble finding good stuff or Granny so has taken an over night trip to (hmmm not really sure where it is exactly), but she thinks that it will be a goldmine of Granny gear (hurrah)! I can’t wait for her to come back tomorrow to show me the loot!

Also, in a funny turn of events, turns out that I dress like an old lady as I realized that everything I dressed Nanna in (in my head) were things that I have! Not only that I brought them with me on this trip so half my suitcase is now on the costume rack! 2 pairs of pants, 2 cardigans, a jacket and 5 shirts! Obviously they are just options, but I got a good chuckle out of the fact that I am an 80 year old in a 20 year olds body (soon to be 30)!

Speaking of Grannies - It is official! I have two of the most famous NZ actresses in my short! Dame Kate Harcort is playing Granny...

and Helen Moulder will be Nanny...

Last but not least we got our first one liner and Script Breakdown – seems all very official so when I saw it, it made me a little scared! Especially as day 2 has 3 and 7/8 pages to cover (eek!). I have a feeling that this will be something they make me change (waaa)…


  1. OMG it's all coming together!! whut whut - looks and sounds really incredible, sista friend... you're gonna make a sickkk short, i can tell :D

  2. Both the grannies are JUST what I imagined they would be!!!! I feel as if I really know them.How weird is that? I thought I was having one of my happy fits or a deja vue!
    I guess this is yet another sign eh?
    Add all your clothing to that Aya and the list just keeps growing.
    I am getting so excited to see this amazing thing you have created.
    As always, Mem

  3. This is sooooooooo exciting to watch unfolding - a truely living version of the water-only painting books we used to have as children Mem will know what I mean)

  4. You cant keep telling me the food is awful Aya and then posting about all of your delicious meals! I think you may just have to admit I was right. Wish I was there to help you control your out of control spending like a good accountant!

    Thos cars are amazing!

    So excited for whats next...