Thursday, February 11, 2010

Post is Possibly…

Park Road Post Courtyard

Maybe, sort of turning into one of my favorite parts of movie making! Who knew that Park Post had such powers huh!

Jonno and I started off the morning with cutting my edit back to a cool 2 minutes and 58 seconds (including credits) – this meant that we had a whole 2 seconds to add (hurrah)! It was surprisingly easy, but we still rewarded ourselves with a tea break (yippee!). 

One of the MANY kitchens at Park Road Post - seriously... I think they must have at least 20 of them!

Jonno is a tea snob, so much so that today he busted out his very own, personal thermometer to make sure that our green tea was brewed at the perfect 70-degree temperature (no joke)! I poked fun at him, but when I tasted it I had to take back everything that I had said as it was quite possibly the most delicious cup of green tea that I have ever had – yum!

While we were sipping tea, we also stopped into to check out the scoring and sound effect layering on the feature film “Predicament” which is directed by Jason Stutter. Jonno edited the movie and it looks AWESOME – kind of like a darker Harry Potter. It was so cool to watch them layer the sounds etc.

When we got back to our editing suite, the illusive blogger for the Your Big Break website was there to check in. We showed him the cut that we had and he gave me some very interesting feedback… He mentioned that there are actually three different ways that I could end the movie. The thought had never even crossed my mind before and it started the wheels in the head turning again. Jonno and I then did 2 more cuts of the movie and are now royally confused as to which is the better one! We are thinking that we may find some victims tomorrow to come and be test screeners…

In other fantastic news… I managed to get more sneak pics of Park Post (woot woot!) 

One of the least swanky bathrooms at Park Road - still SUPER nice!

The cafeteria where I have lunch every day

One of the many working fireplaces

The hall that leads to my editing suite

The lounge outside my editing suite

AND in yet another tea break Jonno and I sat in the little lounge outside our editing bay to have a chit chat with Kristi (another Your Big Break director), her husband, Tony (the RED workflow manager), Alison (my post coordinator) and Dave (my music supervisor). We were having a grand old time when none other than Guillermo del Toro walked past and being the GIANT nerd that I am I ran to get a better look and did not notice the glass door. Yup – I ran right into it much to everyone’s amusement! Doh! Anyhow, I guess that he is here at the moment working on something so hopefully our paths will cross…

Oh, and last but not least Tony had promised me yesterday that he was going to bring in some sour gummy worms for me. There is nothing that I like more than a little sour gummy action (that just sounds so wrong), but in any case Tony used the lame excuse that his roommate had eaten all of them and therefore I would have to wait until tomorrow. Naturally I threw a tantrum (JUST KIDDING FOLKS… but I did remind him every time he came by that I would LOVE a sour gummy) and guess what? Dear Tony came this evening to the editing bay with not only a bag full of gummy worms, but also Jaffa’s AND Milk Bottles – all the candy that I cant get in the States and that I love! TONY – you are the best!

I am going to bed with a smile on my face as I am confident that we will have picture lock by 5pm tomorrow (my deadline) and I am excited to start on the music with Dave and to see everything start to pop!

PS It was really funny at lunch today when Alison (my post production coordinator), Tracey (a post production producer for Park Road) and I realized that we were all wearing silver shoes!


  1. I want to time travel over there and join in the fun Aya. How come I have to face 24 snotty (literally) 5 year olds and you get to wear the silver shoes and have tea parties? Actually I am having a splendid day. I am the designated storyteller for the school festival today and I am of course in my element. I am sooo excited to see the final cut.

  2. PS
    Is that tea pot abuse I see ?

  3. i used to eat lunch at that cafeteria every day! and yeah, i LOVE those bathrooms. sigh... seeing your other photos of wellington has made brenda and i very homesick. especially in such nice weather!

    glad to hear that everything is going well! three endings sounds cool. maybe those could be on the dvd extras or something?

  4. It all sounds so amazingly fabulous. So glad it's all been such a brilliant experience! Oh, and looking forward to one (or more) version(s) of the finished film ... :o)

  5. hi aya! i was just reading through all your posts and am so happy for you! i am so glad that your eye is all better too, yikes!!! I CaNNOT wait to see the final product!!! the experience sounds and looks amazing! take care!

  6. I have had many a talapia in that commisary. Yum! I hope it feels like home away from home.