Sunday, February 7, 2010


Good old Daz took this great pic!

My parents have been SO supportive of me with this movie (well they are super supportive anyway), but they know how long and how much I have wanted this and I think they are extremely happy that finally it seems to have happened!

That being said, the other day when my eye closed up my dad wrote to me and said “Your eyes are in your heart like a Samurai”! Well, let me tell you, that fine gem was followed by this “Sending you the best vibe my Chi can produce” which I can only assume is AMAZING because he sent me this Chi after I had a melt down over the weather. Guess what? It turned out to be sunny in the afternoon! THANKS FOR THE CHI DAD!!

Another Daz image

What started out as a really overcast, rainy morning… blossomed into beautiful blue skies and this allowed us to get different light and different moods in the various locations we filmed in today.

I cannot say enough about the crew here as they were SO supportive and really gave it their all. No matter what I said or asked for – they seemed to find a way to make it work and even went on to suggest things to make their own lives difficult! We shot in 6 different locations today and only had 10 hours so we powered through it like crazy but I was super happy with the shots that we got.

We had no dialogue today as it was all the driving shots and shots of James doing things in different parts of NZ, but it was a good way to ease into actual filming. Luke and Milo are both from NZ but even they were awe struck by the beauty that they were in!

Anyhow, it was everyone’s concern that I had too many shots (remember this on going battle?), well guess what? We shot everything and then had spare time to shoot all the shots that I had taken out (hurrah)! AND WE GOT BACK TO THE OFFICE WITH A MINUTE TO SPARE (double hurrah)!

So one day down, another to go! Tomorrow is in fact going to be the tricky one as we have pages and pages of dialogue to get through and 4 actors so it will be tough. Not only that we have 2 crane shots and some stunt driving so lets hope that we can pack it all in there! I had a brief rehearsal with Granny and Nana (I want to shrink them and take them back to the States with me – they are FANTASTIC) and I think that we are ready to rock and roll for tomorrow…

Thanks everyone for the encouragement and for the advice to “breathe” and just concentrate on the talks at hand – I almost lost it this morning but know that it was not worth fretting over. Tomorrow – rain or shine (though it better shine!), I am going to the set care free about things that I cannot control….


  1. I TOLD YOU SO !!!!!!!!
    I just LOVE the mood you have captured. it is even better that I had imagined it could is this possible?
    A chi, new way of catching silver linings and a great deal of talent.
    I am so very happy for you
    As always, across the seas,
    Mem :D lol lol lol

  2. PS
    Please can I apply early for the job as the "bee smoker" for your next block buster ? I promise to be good and quiet.

  3. PPS
    Please to be remembering.......I am also a splendid Stunt Driver!!!!

  4. Sounds like it's all falling into place! Yay! And the photos of the scenery are amazing. The weather may have done you a HUGE favour with the dramatic dark clouds & the sunny blue skies all in one day. We're really looking forward to seeing the brilliant finished piece :o)

  5. Looks like you found that silver lining! Well done Sista

  6. yay of all yays! today will be just asbrilliant I know it!

  7. What fantastic footage. I eagerly await the next installment Aya. After seeing this post I feel really sorry for the competition.

  8. I love this blog Aya. Keep up the fantastic work. All Sydney Duykers are sending positive thoughts, chi, etc

  9. Loving your blog, Aya. Keep it up!