Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweet As is on line!

That’s right folks - "Sweet As" (my baby) is finally up on line for you to all ogle at and give feedback


is where you will find it along with the 4 other finalist’s films. To be honest, its going to be a tough decision for Peter Jackson as they are all so different but it will be interesting to see how it all turns out.

Speaking of which, it has been quite depressing sitting here with no mandatory work to distract me from the impeding winner decision. My friends have been really great at filling up my dance card and therefore I have had quite the time catching up with everyone since my return.

Tom pointing to where he is going to make hike too...

Yesterday I was hijacked by Tom (a dear friend from way back in the day). I had suggested that we go get food; he suggested that I get my ass in shape and therefore made me go on a hike. I always HATE going on hikes and then once I am on them I love it and wonder why I don’t take advantage of all the trails that surround my place more often...

Trying not to pass out!

We then went back to Tom's place to watch a short movie his friend has just made. It’s called "Summer Solstice" and is fantastic (though super depressing). I can’t remember the director’s name (will have to ask Tom) but it is worth checking out (though not sure where one rents/ gets short films - really is a sin)!

 Then today, it was off to Clio's for lunch. Clio is by far the best cook I know - she just "throws" things together and they are delicious. She has her sister in law Korisa and Korisa's 9-month-old baby Bella staying with her so it was a little girlie get together.

Clio and Chiara

Chiara and Pig playing in the new veggie garden boxes Clio had made!

Clio made a delicious omelet, lemonade and an orange, vanilla cake with orange blossom syrup - aghhhh SOOOOOOO yummy!!

 While I was at Clio's I was also lucky enough to get a mail from none other than Barrie Osborne with a recommendation letter attached! I had asked him for one last week but had not heard back so thought that was that but low and behold there it was! I am so chuffed!

With that, I am now prepping to go and start shooting my mini documentary on Mrs. Kim (my BFF Helen Kim's mum) tomorrow - I am both excited and nervous as tomorrow will determine weather or not I will have what I need to cut together my short for next week (eeek)!

Fingers crossed!!

PS feel free to leave all your comments and feedback (good and bad) for "Sweet As" here, via e mail (aya_tanimura@phobicfilms.com) or on the Your Big Break site!!

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  1. I want some of that cake Clio! When are you coming back here so I can hug Ciara again? Now...Aya... :D ...great news about the recommendation. Would love to read it if you are up to sharing. There is no doubt that Sweet As is the winner, but they won't be able to choose it because they would get egg on their faces because it was the VIEWERS CHOICE and not THEIRS!
    I wonder if they will be brave enough to suck it up and choose the real winner SWEET AS :D ?
    Will wait and see.