Monday, February 22, 2010

Shudder Island?

Yup - I went to see Shutter Island (or as I have re named it "Shudder Island") last night. The good part? I was able to catch up with my BFF's Jay Bender (who is one of the best editors I know and did such wonders as the trailers for Avatar and those damn Twilight movies)...
Jay and I back in the day at Coachella!

and Tim Zimmer (another fierce editor who refuses to be in photos!). We had not seen each other in quite some time so it was great to catch up...

Bad part? Well the movie really - don't want to go into too much detail for those who have yet to see it, however the ending was way too easy and obvious and I just thought that they could have made what ended up being a mediocre movie, a really great one with a little more effort. That being said, I did shriek in a few parts and I thought that Leo did a great job so it was not a total waste of time...

Last but not least it was raining so Little Pig refused to go for a walk (nothing new there) but we did manage to go to the tennis courts and on the way home I discovered a grapefruit tree in an abandoned lot so decided to help myself - delicious!

 Who said nothing in life is free eh (watch me get arrested today)!

Last but not least... to round up what I can only describe as the most riveting blog post ever was that Ryan and I made one of those "Crystal Tree's" (did anyone else do these as kids?). 

Maybe it is our lack of cable TV or our need to get a life, but we were most excited to discover later that evening that the tree had grown - how exciting!

At this juncture I am really open to anything and everything that will get my mind off the impeding Peter Jackson judgement!

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  1. Nature is a great peace bringer and glad to see you are tapping into both the real and the substitute kind.
    Keep up with the wild grapefruit...the tree will be so happy. Give it a hug for me. :D