Friday, January 29, 2010

Ambush Attack!

Well if one ever gets attacked or ambushed you better hope that it is from the amazing duo known as Alia and Sabrina!

I was festering in my own filth this afternoon (aka un bathed and between packing, working, dog nurturing, cleaning etc) when there was a knock at the door. Ryan thought that it was a delivery so totted on over (shirtless) and was surprised when he found none other than my PR agent Alia and my Dog Whisperer extraordinaire Sabrina!

Being the most thoughtful people I know, they came to bestow wisdom and calming breathing practices on me along with Lucky Charms lip balm and some really cute paper clips - hurrah! I am so lucky to have these two gals in my life - THANKS FOR MAKING MY DAY GIRLS!!

Anyhow, I have but hours before I leave my cocoon and embark on my journey... It is now starting to all feel very real (or should I say "reel" - mwaa haa haa) and I think that I may pack my meditation CD's that I thought I could do without!


  1. wow,thanks Arlia and Sabs! Bon Voyage dear Aya...go slay some dragons! I have totla confidencin in you. It is good to streamline. It will be even better once this is done. Promise. Love ya..keep breathing. Love up in the air from MEM.

  2. Hmmmm that was (and still is) "total confidence"