Thursday, January 28, 2010

Take Two...

Today has been a day of reworking. I awoke to an e mail from NZ that voiced some concern over a few things that I had put in my script along with other bits and pieces. Some of them I knew may be headed in my direction, others not so much...

The first thing was the opening sequence where the bird flies in and onto the street sign. I knew that it could be tricky to get an animal wrangler/ trainer to get a Kea bird to perform this etc and given the limited amount of time we have to shoot, I finally came to my senses and cut the scene. It has now been replaced with a tracking shot from the ground, up a pole and to the top of the street sign. Along the way it will pause on a "Lost Dog" sign, some sharpie writing, a kiwi crossing sign etc all that will have parts of the text replaced to be the actors names etc so it will also act as the opening title sequence.

Another concern is that Queenstown's architecture is quite modern and therefore finding two older Victorian homes is proving to be challenging. The location scout said that we may have to go out a little to find what I am looking for - this is fine as there will be no company moves that day so if we have to travel to get what I want then so be it!

Anyhow, completely off topic but I just wanted to share the love that I have for this PLIOT pen that I use...

THEY ARE AMAZING - just thought that I would let you know so that you dont reach the age of 90 only to realize that your life could have been so much better had someone told you about the delicious PILOT 0.4 pen!

Ok, ok... I am getting a little nutty now! Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that this is what I have consumed today...

and "yes" - that IS a donut on the end (not a whole wheat bagel!). Perhaps this is also the reason why the security guard at the tennis club's parting words to me were "don't eat hamburgers - they make you fat"!


  1. well my dear, you are obviously really HIGH on the excitement of it all! Amazing how little things make our day.
    You will be even higer tomorrow. Do Yoga breathing and sll will bw well ommmmmmmmmmmmm
    as alwwys across the seas,
    MEM xoxooxoxoxoo

  2. On the location front - Arrowtown's not far from Queenstown and is an old mining town. Super picturesque and may have the right sort of architecture ...

    The Cardrona Hotel is a fab old wood-clad pub (I think on the same road, or at least in the same direction?) and if it's still there could be useful?

  3. Definitely too shiny to be a whole wheat bagel.

  4. I'm following all this with envy and glee and a huge amount of love. Enjoy it all, I know it'll be great in the end.