Saturday, January 30, 2010

Auckland or bust!

Phew! I finally landed in good old Auckland!

No small feat given that it all started with a very muddled start at LAX where I have since learned that Qantas has 4 different terminals from which they depart from (*#&%^)! That followed by the fact that I had 7 pounds too many in my suitcase and then had to decanter some luaggage into what I describe as a rice patty bag (sigh).

Anyhow, it feels great to finally have my feet on the ground! I was greeted by a friendly driver at the airport who told me that the rainy weather was "a bloody pain in the ass"! I concurr! That being said, if it has to rain the next few days in order to deliver sunshine on my shoot days - so be it!

The hotel that I am staying at is in the middle of town and called "The Heritage" - it is apparently where Tyra Banks stayed when she was last here (see - its the really interesting, historically significant facts of Auckland that I have retained)!

Anyhow, after a quick shower (and a quick peek into what was in the cool Your Big Break Bag)...

I totted on down to the lobby where I was met by Torusm NZ rep Monica and her husband. We took a quick stroll down to the water where we had reservations at a cute little restaurant called MECCA. It had a great view of the bay. Unfortunately, due to the torrentual downpoor, we had to move back inside the restaurant, but the yummy food more than made up for the not so great weather!

In fact, they had Pavlova on the dessert menu! Seeing as it is featured in my movie, I thought that it was apt for me to order it and order it I did!

It was scumdidilyuptious!!

After lunch we were supposed to take a ride on the America's Cup Yacht. Although the boat still went out, we decided to take a rain check (ha ha ha - I am so funny)! Being on a boat in the rain did not sound like a grand idea, so instead, Monica and her husband took me to the local supermarket so that I could get some face wash. Note to fellow people traveling to NZ - DO NOT FORGET YOUR FACE WASH! I purchased a travel sized bottle of Cetaphil (what one purchases at RiteAid or Target for no more than $3) and it was $12.50 (agh!).

From there, Monica and her husband dropped me back at the hotel where I wrote a few e mails (before discovering that the internet was $36 - WHAT?) and decided to take a stroll down the main drag (Queens st) to get over my sticker price shock! Sadly, due to the rain and the hoards of tourists, I did not make it long before heading back.

Tonight I am going to get my shot list in order and prepare for what I am sure is going to be an INSANE week head of me! Oh and I will wash my face with my new "crem de la mer" (aka Cetaphil) in hopes that I stop growing my pimple farm - sigh!


PS this blog post just cost me $47 (aghhh) - if it is the same deal in Queenstown (which is where I fly to tomorrow - if they let my luggage even get on the plane!) I shall simply start communicating via smoke signals and telepathy!

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  1. Well...there you are my dear. What an adventure! Too bad about the boat but perhaps some down time before the big shoot is a blessing after such a long flight. Now we know why none of the other winners were is just too damn expensive eh?. Perhaps a word to your sponsers? keep a journal like when you were a child and publish it for all your fans when you return to reasonable internet access.Love Mem