Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My big mess...

This is what my works space currently looks like! I have commandeered the dining room table (with the exception of a corner for Ryan’s guitar he is making), and have started to churn out a Directors Brief, a Location Brief, a Costume Brief and a Casting Brief - all of which is due at the end of today (agh!).

Last night I worked into the wee hours and then passed out before I could post this...

Not sure that I am going to be in bed at decent hour tonight because what I had scheduled for work today had to be pushed to do the briefs that the competition asked for! In amongst all the madness though I did have a good chuckle as Joe sent me this photo of myself having a meltdown in the UK whilst filming INCEPTION...

He captioned it "you can always let it out" which is so true! From what I remember, I was on 2 conference calls with the US (one with the phone company, the other with a credit card company) and was on a 3 way skype call with France regarding a house... all at the same time (whyyy??!!).

Tomorrow I am off to Clio's house to get my headshot done. I think the Gods are smiling upon me at the moment because when I heard that I was a finalist they asked that I e-mail a headshot. Guess what? I don't have one! Therefore I just chopped myself out a family pic and zapped that on over only to realize that all the other finalists have professional ones (eek!). Luck has it that they have not put my profile up on line yet which means there may be a chance to swap out my triple chin pic...

for something a little more flattering... Fingers crossed!


  1. Sweet, thanks for the shout out, but as i remember it correctly you handled yo bissnazz so it all turned out good. Anyway cheers and good luck. Sorry I wont be there to take embarrassing pics this time.

  2. I know I am your Mumand all but I think you look just splendid in that shot. I am sure that dear Clio with her SKILLLS will take an even more splendid one. Good luck to you. Love as always, From Your Mem oxox

  3. I'm officially your groupie...good luck and much love!