Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Who knew that I was part Native American, part Tranny! At least that is what I discovered when looking at some of the photos that Clio took of me this morning! I should preface this by saying it was NO refection on Clio's photography skills as she is one AMAZING photographer, but more about... well lets be honest - MY FACE!

I guess I have never really paid attention to it as I am behind the camera... Thank god Clio is a good friend and made me feel comfortable. She was also extremely patient and if it was not for her, I would not even have this final pic as she was the one that made me get by the yellow wall to take another round! 

I love that I look so serious (he he)!

After my photo shoot, I went and ran some errands...

One stop I made was to L'occitane for some more almond moisturizer (I am obsessed). I chatted with the store clerk (why? Well because I chat to everyone and everything) and she was SO excited for me to go to NZ Friday that she showered me with lots of samples (so sweet - or should I say "sweet as"!). This, and my lack of sleep almost made me burst into tears as I was overwhelmed by the fact that I am surrounded by such wonderful, supportive, generous, creative, kind and caring people.

When I entered the competition there was a HUGE outpouring of support from people I worked with, friends, family, neighbors, local stores etc and then when it was announced that I was a finalist - the phone did not stop ringing with offers to help me with whatever it was that I may need. 

Everyone is helping me make my dream come true and I am SO incredibly lucky - these are just a few people who have offered to help me out...

PR - Alia Quart Khan
MANAGER - Mardie Hughes Anderson
DOG SITTING - Callie Hersheway, Justin Root, OP, Sabrina Quart Khan, Todd (Dogsport LLC)
DRAWING - Hana Tanimura
EDITING - Taisuke Tanimura
MUSIC - Marissa DeVito
AFRICA REP - Clara Van Praag
EUROP REP - Allison Tanimura
SOUTH EAST ASIA REP - Yorio Tanimura
AUSTRALIAN REP - Rhonwin Mitchell
RED ADVISOR - Carlo Pratto
TRIPOD SUPPLIER - Helen Kim & Viet Nguyn
POSITIVE THINKING GURU'S - Sarah Monson & Jesse Rosenblatt
WEST COAST REP - Lucy Irvine
PATIENCE & RIDE TO AIRPORT - Ryan Pool & Little Pig

There are many more names of people who have been SUPER STARS - wanted to give a HUGE shout out to each and every person that took the time to vote, bombarded your friends with threats to vote for me, who posted my entry on Facebook, who called, who e mailed, who sent good vibes...

As my people say - DOMO ARIGATO (well not my Native American people, nor my Aussies for that matter - but you know.... the other "my people"!!).

I will give you a proper update on the actual work on the movie I have been doing today. I got SO much done - almost finished with the story boards and onto my shot list - eeek! I have a feeling that there will be a lot of tweaking of the script in coming days to fit it all into the two allotted shoot days...

Oh and before I forget - did you know that MOBY has a library of sample music that he allows independent and student film makers to use for free? Shame that none of it works for my movie - but its a good resource to know


  1. Did you notice that 50% of the pictures featured in your collage are wearing head-wear of some sort? A sign of superior inteligence and general coolness? I think so...

  2. you look like that native american dude in the black eyed peas.

    OH SNAP!!!

  3. OMG you are so right Taisuke - I don't know weather to cry or start impersonating him on Hollywood Blvd to get a little extra cash (maybe both?)!

  4. I love the Blue Steel (Steale) look....just like Nayou! What an amazing family. I also love the way life has provided all the help, love and support for you. I guess the nomadic childhood had a silver lining of sorts after all! You go girl. PS I really love the photo and want a copy. Well done Clio!

  5. Woot! West Coast Rep checking in - - do I need to get some business cards ready?? LOL!

  6. Don't forget me!! Executive Bitch to Mrs. Tanimura & official coffee fetcher :) I'm good at it. GOOOOOOOOOOD LUCK!!!