Monday, January 25, 2010

My Big Break - Whoo hooo

Time to revive the good old blog. Why you ask? Well, after returning from Europe I could hardy argue that I was having an "adventure" and therefore thought no reason to continue blogging (I mean who really wants to hear about me getting up, getting dressed, going to work zzzzzzz). However, now I have a GREAT reason to breathe some life back into this joint...

Thanks to everyones support and votes... I AM A FINALIST IN THE "YOUR BIG BREAK" ( competition (woooo hoooo)! From over 1300 entries, I was chosen (by the people mind you) to hop on over to NZ to shoot my short movie! I am beside myself and my hands have not stopped shaking since I heard the news...

Anyhow, many of you have asked that I keep you in the loop as to what is going on, so this shall be the place that I do it! Hopefully I will have the time to keep the entries regular (I have a feeling that the next 3 weeks will be filled with NO sleep, so I apologize for bad spelling, grammar etc - nothing out of the ordinary for me really??!!)...

Also, it should be noted that I do not leave Los Angeles until Friday, so from now until then, my posts will probably be just of me having panic and anxiety attacks (then again, not sure that the posts will be that different once I get over there!)... hope you get some entertainment/ amusement out of my adventure!!

Last but not least - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all your votes, notes, support, words of encouragement etc, when I say that I could not have done it without you... I really mean it as I was chosen on votes! As my people say "Domo Arigato"!


  1. How wonderful, dear Aya! Epito and I will follow you on your blog with our hearts and our best wishes for your success. Go, Aya, GO!!!

  2. Great..I have been looking forward to this blog my dear. Everyoune here in Switzerland,and indeed ALL over the world,are there with you so feel very supported. All my love as always,Mem