Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Check me motha' fuckerrrrrr"...

What can I say - yesterday was so dull that I did not even post.

Today we wrapped at 1:30pm so Tawa, Dan and I decided to go and see a movie. Which movie you ask? We wanted "Bruno" but it was only playing at 9:30pm (too late for us senior citizens), therefore I voted for "Ice Age" and was then out numbered by Dan and Tawa (well lets be honest - it was really all Tawa) to see "Phelem 123" (or should I say "flem 123" - it was that nasty)!

The movie was terrible - so much so that it was kind of amazing (in a "Snakes on the Plane" sort of a way). The dialogue pretty much consisted of Travolta (or "Ravolta" as my mother calls him) screaming "Check me motha' fuckerrr". It would make the movie a hell of a lot more exciting if one were to tally the number of times that line is yelled (note to those who are going to endure the movie - take notepad, pen and flash light).


Anyhow, we all did our best impressions of Travolta (sadly - as comical as these may seem, they are in fact true depictions of what Travolta was like on screen)...

PS This is totally random, but I just wanted to point out the fact that yesterday all the Asians on the movie (aka Joe, Harry and I) were made to ride an exclusive "yellow" bus - this is not the first time that this has happened... racism? Or are they just afraid of our math and nun chuck skills?


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  1. Love the random one of me walking to the car! CHECK ME, MOTHAFUCKA!