Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This blog is totally NOT "Uukk"...

It has now been 4 days since I arrived in the UK and I have my morning routine down to a science.

- alarm/ wake up call
- Put TV on misc channel and have it play through to bathroom
- Jump in shower and sing/ clean

- Get out of shower
- Inspect face in creepy magnifying mirror (note that I discovered a mole with a hair growing out of it. I did not know I had a mole, let alone a hair - think that I may be turning into a man... sigh!)

- Moisturize, get dressed

- Check to see how many people looked at the blog the day before (equate how popular and cool I am with that number - it was not looking good for a while!)

- Stare at my face in creepy mirror again to make sure that the mole I saw was in fact there (yes yes it is along with its lone hair)

- Bang on Carlo's door pretending to be housekeeping (the bane of his existences in the wee hours!)
- Go down to lobby to get into awaiting car!

This morning I was running a little ahead, so snapped some pics of the hotel...
"Yes" i used the self time on my camera to take this, "yes" I ran to get in that pose, "yes" I need to get a life. Funny thing is, it would have
been a better/ funnier shot to post had I captured me falling off the ledge (which I did the first two attempts)! Don't know what is more
sad, the falling or the fact that I posed for this photo!
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Mirror in elevator
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Chandelier in Lobby - Looks like strands of seaweed (the kind you pop on the beach)... Ugly but cool!

and another amazing news headline courtesy of "The Daily Telegraph"...

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Sadly at work it was the same old same old - snapped a few pics of crew members who I missed yesterday...

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I also peed my pants. Why you ask? Well I went to get lunch with Carlo and Jordan who is co-producing the movie. He is going to be shooting most of the "behinds the scenes" (or BTS as the cool kids call it) footage while we are overseas and just got the new camera in today (for the nerd readership out there, it is a brand new Sony HVR-Z7U HD camera with all the add-ons, bells and whistles)! Why is this so exciting you say? Well I asked if I could also film some of the footage and he said "yes"! I am hoping that I do a great job and blow everyone out of the water and get a HUGE pay raise and then get discovered as a director, and then get a 10 picture deal with a studio, make millions, hire all my friends and make movies that are not re makes! Is that too much to ask??!!

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Keeping with the spirit of winning - wanted to share with everyone a new catch phrase coined by my dear work husband Carlo. We have been seeing so many cute/ great things here in the UK that we have found ourselves saying "ohhh that is so cute" all the time. That being said, we have also discovered some nasty things (breakfast in a can, Marmite, rain to name a few), so clever Carlo came up with "ewww that is so Uukk" (to be pronounced "uck")! Get it UK - Uukk!! Anyhow, I am hoping that is spreads like wildfire because I thought that it was funny!

Let me put it into context so that one can fully appreciate and use this cool new phrase.

Exhibit 1.

Aya discovered that not all food is bad in England.
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However she did think that their weather was Uukk
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It was really NOT Uukk that I got out of work early today (6pm!!)


Julie and I then met up and went to dinner! We found the great place that Natascha had discovered on Sunday and feasted on Mediterranean food (one of my all time faves) and guess what - it was NOT Uukk!


Scrumdidely umptious and very reasonably priced. The waiter had this funky order-taking, computer, ipod, remote, R2D2 wrist band thingy that I have never seen before. He let me take a photo in exchange for a hug (much to Julie's horror - I obliged... anything for my bloggy woggy fans)!



  1. dahaha, internet ho—that is what you are. llllove it! your internet-ho-dom is so NOT Uukk.

    (though, girl, you need to find a way to allow your faithful readers to enlarge the photos you post. so far i've only ever been able to enlarge the first photo of every post—the others just link to photobucket, where they're mini. halp plz!)

  2. Looking out the window-- a faux stately pose,
    Looking graceful as an English rose.
    Photos on your adventurous blog
    I am wistful for your little hog.
    Who strolls Larchmont all alone,
    In search of a tasty bone.